Grayson Morse (Age 7 mos) was recently diagnosed with Krabbe Disease in May 2016. Krabbe disease (globoid cell leukodystrophy) is a rare neurological degenerative disorder that affects the myelin sheath of the nervous system. If untreated, those affected have a life expectancy of about two years. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Krabbe Disease at this point.

Jeff (Father), Piper (Mother), and Grayson visited the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh the week following Grayson's diagnosis to meet with highly specialized, Dr. Escolar.

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Grayson underwent countless tests to confirm the diagnosis and the progression of it. Dr. Escolar is confident that a cord blood transplant would benefit Grayson and extend his precious life.  Grayson will undergo a surgery for a feeding tube placement, a surgery for a central line placement, then will begin chemotherapy. Once all of that is done, the transfusion of cord blood will begin. All of this is taking place at The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Piper and Grayson will have to remain in Pittsburgh for about 6 months for all of his treatment and recovery. Jeff will remain in Idaho to work, but will travel to Pittsburgh as much as possible to be with Piper and Grayson.

Your donations will help with the extensive medical bills that Jeff and Piper will receive from Grayson's treatment, the family's travel expenses coming to and from Pittsburgh, and lodging for Piper, the cost of insurance, and any other expenses that may come up during this difficult time.


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Thank you so much for your donation. We at NW Epic Racing and Grayson's family can't begin to express our gratitude for your gift!